Annika Kielland Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Master - beautiful blonde woman with a bright and gorgeous smile

Custom jewelry designed and made by Master Energy Healer Annika, to be worn as a Talisman for the purpose of healing, empowering and protecting the wearer.

Each Solshine piece of jewelry is made with love and intention, to be worn daily to provide specific energetic support.

Take a breath and intuitively choose the piece you are most drawn to as each crystal, as well as the color, carries a specific frequency based on the Chakra energetic centers within the body.

You will receive a card so you can learn about the crystal you selected as well as a personal mantra card, to help raise your vibration with daily awareness.

If you’re unsure of what you need, Annika is available for a 10 min intuitive consultation to help you choose the perfect gift for you or a friend.

"I hope your bracelet brings you joy each time you look at it."

- Annika K.


The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation in Bodhgaya INDIA

is a school with 700 children, including 200 boys and girls that are mentally and physically disabled. Many of these children were left on the streets and abandoned by their own parents.


Bodhi Tree School - INDIA

My friend Dhirendra Sharma

My friend Dhirendra Sharma, the director of the school, is the one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever encountered in my entire lifetime. The schools requirements total $3000 US per month.

Our intention is to raise at least one years worth of funding to meet their basic needs.