Project Solshine

Project Solshine helps women and children of Nepal with every day needs like food, clothing, shelter, education, safety and a greater sense of community and belonging. 

Empowering women everywhere.

Project Solshine was born from of a deep connection and love I have for Nepal and her people.  Their needs are very simple and the impact that we (yea, you too!) are able to make there is beyond significant and appreciated.

 “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”    - Mother Theresa



Project Solshine started as a way of helping my Tibetan "sister" Dolma get through the pandemic in 2020. Living in a refugee village, all she had to eat was rice and lentils so I began to raise funds by doing yoga and Soundbowl sessions here Santosa Yoga & Healing and Life Time Boca Raton so we could send money for a greenhouse, vegetable seeds as well as pay for two surgeries. This is the first time I’ve visited her since 2019.




I get inspired when I recognize need in all the places I travel to around the world. In Nepal, for the past two years, in association with Crystal of Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures, Project Solshine has supported a school in a remote mountain village called in Kaule, which was destroyed in 2015 by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The town is still recovering from the damage and many residents were forced to relocate to Kathmandu for work. For those remaining, the village school is an integral part of the community. Currently, there are over 80 children enrolled, aged 4- 11, with only 3 teachers supplied by the government.  Our funds have enabled the school to secure the salaries for 2 additional teachers, as well as provided closed-toe winter shoes & a warm coat for each child.




Human trafficking and slavery has been an issue that has bothered me ever since I read the book “SLAVE” by Mende Nazer.  While in Nepal I read a book called “SOLD”, by Patricia McCormick, about a young girl, in NEPAL who was sold to an Indian Brothel aged 12. McCormick had based all her research on the true stories of the women and children she interviewed at Shakti Samuha, a women’s shelter in Kathmandu, run entirely by survivors of human trafficking.

I was inspired to reach out and visit the organization to learn more about how I could possibly help the women and children there, with the intention of setting up a training program to teach them how to make jewelry. This would provide them with an income, which will lead to greater independence.

After visiting the Headquarters in November 2019 we met with founder, Charimaya Tamang and established a plan of action that will be implemented in early 2020.  We also wish to connect the women in Nepal with a local South Florida shelter, to create a sisterhood and begin a similar program as this is a problem happening right here on our doorstep.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation in Bodhgaya INDIA

is a school with 700 children, including 200 boys and girls that are mentally and physically disabled. Many of these children were left on the streets and abandoned by their own parents.


Bodhi Tree School - INDIA

My friend Dhirendra Sharma

My friend Dhirendra Sharma, the director of the school, is the one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever encountered in my entire lifetime. The schools requirements total $3000 US per month.

Our intention is to raise at least one years worth of funding to meet their basic needs.