Hi, I’m Annika

I consider myself a spirit activator.. a transformational Teacher, healer and guide.

I coach, teach, do energy healing work & trainings, & take people on epic life changing adventures.
I also design & make jewelry to support my non profit PROJECT SOLSHINE & I represent products on TV.
In my old life, I was a TV Producer, Director and spokesperson for fitness and wellness products for over 25 years.
At age 44, with a successful TV career that left me feeling burnt out.
That was my first moment of SURRENDER.  Realizing something had to change. BIG time. Maybe everything.
Next came a decision to take a journey deep inside myself, to get to know who I truly am, how I became this person and what tweaks I needed to make to make some shifts and work on the stuff that derailed me in the past.
It’s the greatest gift I gave myself.
A journey that took me several times to Bali, India & Nepal, home to my family in England, and on a solo journey with my dogs across the entire USA in a camper van for 9 months.
I found a lot of answers. I received a lot of lessons. I studied with incredible coaches, spiritual healers, shamans, and ordinary people who served as magical guides along my way.  Most of all, I found my own inner compass. I became my own greatest teacher, healer and guide.
It’s still a journey, always a journey, and that’s the fun. That’s the point.
Find your spark.
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The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation in Bodhgaya INDIA

is a school with 700 children, including 200 boys and girls that are mentally and physically disabled. Many of these children were left on the streets and abandoned by their own parents.


Bodhi Tree School - INDIA

My friend Dhirendra Sharma

My friend Dhirendra Sharma, the director of the school, is the one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever encountered in my entire lifetime. The schools requirements total $3000 US per month.

Our intention is to raise at least one years worth of funding to meet their basic needs.